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​ Mostacho Xprmnt Release A Unique Remix EP

BK’s own Mostacho Xprmnt are back with an EP almost as eclectic as the borough they’re representing; QMMR Remix is an equally spastic and oddly cohesive sonic journey curated by producers 28 Lines, Matt Sokol, and Copper Tony.

The three producers have mashed and re-imagined the jazzy hip-hop vibes of the group into three unique listens of their song “Que Mae Mas Raro.” 28 Lines has built up this nu-disco, electronic, grungy guitar-laden instrumental sprinkled with the right amount of underlying funk. You can almost picture a glitchy animated Napoleon Dynamite doing his signature dance to it as a visual treatment.

Matt Sokol’s experimental approach sounds like a sound-kit taken from old Tyler The Creator/Odd Future (especially the switched up second half of the track) and MF DOOM mashed with erroneous sounds from 90s Neptunes. Lastly, Copper Tony creates a more bouncy Hip-Hop approach—bright and laced with a sped-up sample of the singer Song Yi Jeon’s vocals.

“We have always strived to innovate and push genre boundaries ruthlessly,” says Andres Marin, leader of Mostacho Xprmnt and executive producer of the EP. “This isn’t the exception!”

The EP is available now on Spotify, Tidal, and wherever you stream music—jam it.


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