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Xleoniduz Takes Us On A Trip To Versace Mansion

Florida rapper Xleoniduz has made many appearances here on the site leading up to his upcoming full-length. His latest single, Versace Mansion is unexpectedly deep–we think. The record has X dropping a mix of spoken work and bars in a Quasimoto-esque modulated voice; the song describes a dreamlike mansion at great lengths. From the sound of waves to painted ceilings and incredible artwork, it sounds like the type of house you’d expect to see in a big-budget music video.

Except, the song has an oddly unnerving tone to it. Is it a dream? Is he dead, describing an idealized version of a ‘street kid’s heaven?’ There a few clues, including mention of that fact that he saw Tupac, and that he never wanted to leave. Both lending to the fact that it’s a dream of some sort. Also, it can be argued that the use of a voice that isn’t his is a subtle way of detaching.

All this, though, is us looking into the record without his actual clarification. He described it as ‘New Age’ on his SoundClound–which is fair. It’s much different than his other records thus far, and was harder to get into, but still a great tune.

Take a listen.


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