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@Xian_Bell – ‘You Were In My Dream’ (Deluxe Version)

On Friday West Coast rapper/singer Xian Bell released a special Deluxe Version of his critically acclaimed project, You Were In My Dream. Earning high praise across the…

On Friday West Coast rapper/singer Xian Bell released a special Deluxe Version of his critically acclaimed project, You Were In My DreamEarning high praise across the music industry and from media outlets such as  Joe Budden’s PodcastSway’s UniverseiHeart Radio’s Real 92.3 and Homegrown Radiothis is the Los Angeles native’s third full length project to date. Also receiving acclaim from fellow artists like Big Baby Dram and celebrities like the late Nipsey Hussle’s wife, Lauren LondonXian Bell is earning widespread recognition for his talent of combining singing and rapping with smooth melodic undertones. Drawing in both females and males that can relate to Xian Bell’s poignant takes on relationships, life in Los Angeles and Hip-Hop culture, many are crowning Xian Bell as up next on the West Coast.

“We got a video for a lot of records on the album, so we are focused on making sure the fans get those the right way. The video for Dollar And A Promise led off the campaign for the project and that record was everywhere from Joe Budden’s Podcast to Sway, and it’s been playing on the radio out here in LA on Real 92.3. We are also releasing a video for Drive Slow and Often in the coming weeks, so fans should be on the lookout for those too,” Xian Bell explained. 

Included with the release of the Deluxe Version of You Were In My Dream are five unreleased songs that didn’t make the initial cut, but that Xian Bell wanted to deliver to his fans after receiving an overwhelming amount of support on the initial release of effort. 

@Rated_TG who has done work with Ty Dolla $ign, Glasses Malone and TDE among others, handled a majority of the mixing and engineering for the project. Combined with additional instrumentation from Worldwide Dre, Xian Bell had the perfect canvas to tell real-life stories over a dreamy soundscape that fit the themes of the album.

“The recording process just came about from Rated_TG actually, the producer engineer of the project.  We had been locked in for a minute and he just reached out and said that he had a dream or premonition that we were going to lock in and make a project that he 100% produced,” Xian Bell explained. “From there we started locking in every single day and that’s how we ended up with the song, 2AM. That’s where the title comes from and it was the first record that we kind of made. It got us turning in the right direction, so we followed that sound for the rest of the album.”

Touching on an on-again, off-again relationship that kept appearing in Xian‘s dreams, the You Were In My Dream project is based on real moments in life that personally affected Xian, encapsulating a specific time in Xian‘s life. So much so that according to Elevator-MagXianBell‘s You Were In My Dream is, “as emotional-sounding as you can get. Don’t confuse it with soft, but rather self-aware, vulnerable, and honest.”

“Everything that I talk about, I have to have been through it. I’m not one of the artists that can just pull sh*t off the wall. I have to either be going through it or immediately affected by it the point where someone close to me is personally affected by it,” Xian Bell said.

As the Summer comes to a close, Xian Bell is looking to build off of his LA Rolling Loud performance as well as planned performances at L.A. pop ups and showcases. In addition he is planning his own concerts and events this Fall. For all updates be sure to tune into his social media sites below:

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Mexcco (@TRAPSTARMEX) – ‘TrapBoy’ ft. Slim 400, Young Drumma Boy, Swifty Blue

Recently San Pedro, California bred rapper MEXCCO released his project TRAPBOY, with heavy production from longtime collaborator and friend NIKEBOY. Anointing Valentines Day as a trap…

Recently San Pedro, California bred rapper MEXCCO released his project TRAPBOY, with heavy production from longtime collaborator and friend NIKEBOY. Anointing Valentines Day as a trap holiday for everyone from loving couples and the most rugged of individuals in the streets, MEXCCO continues his onslaught of musical and visual releases over the past few months.

“TRAPBOY is a Valentines Day release with my friend NIKEBOY, we got some other producers on there but he did most of the tracks. SWIFTY BLUE, DRUMMER BOY my guys SIETE and SLIM 400 are also featured on the project, so there’s a lot of energy on there for the fans.  A lot of NIKEBOY stuff been going up and I put a lot of energy into this. This is a lot of trap shit, that’s our main focus right now.” MEXCCO explained.  “There’s a difference between lying about it and really doing it, but there’s a way to going about it.”

The chemistry with NIKEBOY and MEXCCO is undeniable on this project as the two join forces for another West Coast slapper for the fans.

“He knows exactly what I want, it’s straight to the source. Once I hear the beat for 5 seconds I know that we gonna work on that song. We met after I found out about him a long time ago finding through my boy Swish. I always had him in my email, but I was in the studio and him and Cypress, we did a beat and I sent it to my boy Spike. Ever since I did the song TrapStar we been locked in.”

In addition to his work with with NIKEBOY, MEXCCO has released several visuals from the project. Says MEXCCO, “I just recently dropped the video for No Tellin and it’s on the tape. I’m dropping another one called, Ticket. Those are the songs that people were buying on pre-order so we’ll see what else the fans like.”

Growing up in San Pedro adjacent to Long Beach, MEXCCO has always been tied into the culture of Hispanics and Mexico, hence his name.

“I do it for all cultures. It’s not about the race but a lot of Mexicans are known as hustlers and go getters. Trapping isn’t just about rap and selling drugs. Once you a hustler and you make it out and you are successful, it’s all because of your hustle.” MEXCCO said. “It’s like one of them things where people don’t even know what I am. They might think I’m mixed or something but that doesn’t matter – it’s just one of those relate type things. A lot of my rap friends and the people I work with are Hispanic. I got a wave going and they rocking with me and I fuck with them heavy. I grew up in LA I grew up around the culture. I’m knee deep in this sh*t.”


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Surf – “Searching” ft. Kapwani

Recently Atlanta based rapper Surf released his newest song, “Searching.” Pulling on the heartstrings of love, Surf delves deep into…

Recently Atlanta based rapper Surf released his newest song, “Searching.” Pulling on the heartstrings of love, Surf delves deep into the listeners emotions with his newest single examining the feelings that surround an individual’s self-esteem in a relationship.

In this case, Surf gives us a candid take on one of his own relationships that taught him about himself on the quest to find “self-love.

Searching is a self-love song,” Surf explained. “Throughout the lyrics I’m asking my significant other, ‘What it is that she’s searching for in me so I can be the best person for her?’ I don’t want to do anything but to be perfect and deserving of her love after being the person to break her heart. My last breakup taught me more about myself and about values I hadn’t paid much attention to in relationships. This song is based on a true experience that I feel many men go through and don’t expose enough so this is a really personal track for me.”

The single comes on the heels of Surf’s critically acclaimed and highly touted project BADDER HUMAN, that featured the popular hit single, “Better Days.” The project was the sequel and follow up to his 2018 project BAD HUMAN and has since garnered over 5 million plays collectively on all the DSP’s.

When asked about his recent success, Surf said it was, “a surreal feeling” and that he’s received the support of his family and friends throughout the process of his growth as an artist.

“My recent success as an artist is a surreal feeling. There’s something new in my notifications everyday, my parents and family are proud. My numbers are growing in ways I had no idea they would. I’m thankful for all the little wins because the fan support keeps me going. At times I still feel like I don’t know what’s going on, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Continuing to develop his live show, Surf has been focused on the performance aspect of his career by developing his fan base in the SouthEast with spot dates and performances.

Last year  Surf performed at Atlanta’s GridLife Festival that also featured the likes of Flosstradamus, Soulja Boy, Twista and Xavier Wulf. With the release of BADDER HUMAN, and his newest single, “Searching,”Surf is quickly building the momentum as he gears up for a host of local spot dates this Spring.

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Boots – “And Then There Was HipHop”

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