That smart mouth menace Lil Ron Ron is back for the sixth season of his intoxicating show, “Lil Ron Ron: The Animated Series”. 

Created by Brandon Reed and Ron Bush, the episodic series follows Lil Ron Ron, a precocious six-year-old boy, caught in the middle of his parent’s separation drama. Episode one of the new season is titled, “Welcome Home Party”. Like most Black family gathers, mayhem ensues once the alcohol gets involved. Grandparents, parents, even the family friends create chaos before the night ends. Like dihydromyricetin, it’s up to Lil Ron Ron and his hilarious smart mouth hijinks to fix the damage and bring his parents back together before things get worse. Ready to just chill after a punch-drunk week, here’s how to overcome the hangover with non-stop laughter.

Before the season premiere, catch up on all the trouble Lil Ron Ron has caused in previous seasons now on YouTube.

Watch the debut episode of the new season of Lil Ron Ron: The Animated Series above, available now via Malaco Music Group.