Woman Crush Wednesday: Chynna

While #WomanCrushWednesday has grown into one of the most popular weekly trends birthed from social media, there is merit in what it’s about on a genuine, positive level: celebrating women that others admire. In keeping up with the Internet’s demand for this weekly tradition, the spotlight today shines on rising female artist, Chynna.

As a recent Brooklyn transplant, by way of Philadelphia, Chynna wears several hats – hip hop artist, DJ & model (as signed by Ford Modeling Agency) – and has quite the impressive list of accomplishments for someone who still can’t legally drink a beer for a couple more weeks.

Chynna has been in the studio with Darq E Freaker, Hudson Mohawke and members of A$AP Mob, such as A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ty Beats, to name a few. With a couple releases under her belt, Selfie (2013) and Glen Coco (2014), last night Chynna released what she’s considering a mini project, titled I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening.

The 6-track project is a great introduction to this artist for those unfamilar, and is a perfect soundtrack for getting your adrenaline up. Chynna is confident as a rapper, and her sound feels distinguished, as if she got it right from the very start of her career, while still allowing room for exploring growing pains. I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening. is both expressive and experimental by nature, and quite an enjoyable EP overall. Chynna is lively, laid back and just oozes coolness as a vocalist.

The first stand out track is “Earl Grey Tea,” as produced by Cloud Atrium. The track can double as an artist statement, with lines like “I’m learning my limits, I never had limits. I pity the timid, I swear,” and “Ain’t work this hard to be scared.” This track is a personal call to action: Chynna is here to leave her mark on underground rap music.

As a female vocalist, her delivery is balanced, from the quickest flows, such as on “Regina George” and “Thought U Was”, to the ability to speak with conviction when the rhythm is slowed down, such as on “Shangri-la.” Stylistically, Chynna ranges from a spoken-word inspired delivery, as backed with downtempo production, to a spitfire approach. Her well-rounded spirit and bold risk-taking nature are two of her biggest strengths as a vocalist.

Chynna’s undeniable raw talents and work ethic has earned her a slot on this blogger’s “must-watch” radar.


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