While #WomanCrushWednesday has grown into one of the most popular weekly trends birthed from social media, there is merit in what it’s about on a genuine, positive level: celebrating women that others admire. In keeping up with the Internet’s demand for this weekly tradition, the spotlight today shines on rising female artist, Marlé Blu.

Marlé Blu has the total package: talent, brains, and beauty. Most importantly, her confidence and passion for her craft shines through strongly. Finding a love for poetry first and music second, Marlé Blu started turning her poetry into raps at age 12 and harnessed that creative energy all throughout her schooling. From calling into the freestyle radio show “Who Got The Flava,” hosted by DJ Skillz on 97.9 WIBB in 8th grade, to finishing her Sociology degree from Georgia State University, Marlé has held a consistent, ambitious hunger behind her work ethic over the years – not only does this woman have goals, she grinds nonstop to accomplish them.

Recently dropping some new music on her soundcloud, Marlé shows her range as a vocalist from singing her own hooks to dropping bars without skipping a beat. Her personal slogan, “the Beauty and the Bars,” was the first thing that caught my eye when I discovered her music (love it!) and it captures her essence as a female rapper so wonderfully.

Her single, “Came To Party,” as produced by B. Wheezy, is catchy as hell and is also the leading single off of her Girl Code EP, an 8 track project that showcases Marlé’s diverse talent as a lyricist, singer and rapper.

Her music features a balance of tracks fit for the club with tracks full of socially conscious lyrics that get the brain working. Her ability to naturally balance expressing her own sexuality and confidence with her intelligence is her strong suit. Marlé has found her voice and isn’t afraid to use it, making her a perfect candidate for #WomanCrushWednesday.