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Unsigned Hype: Playing 8 Questions with Early Reed

Early Reed, a passionate Hip-Hop producer from the nation’s capital, is from an area on the map that is only now beginning to be recognized for the legitimate talent that has grown there. Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia have been a “quiet hotbed” of new and established musical talent for years, but to hear Early tell it, clearly a certain amount of struggle still continues to truly represent all of the various kinds of potential he knows exists within himself, his cohorts in the highly-respected Low Budget Crew, and other close affiliates he’s grown with. He represented this growth on the Kev Brown-sponsored, “Early Reed ‘The Dose’ (The MFN Files) Starring J-Scienide” earlier last year on Bandcamp. A sincere and earnest release with the grit and skill that only comes from practice and focus, Early provided an ample sound bed for J-Scienide’s lyricism. Our Q&A will try its best to contain Early’s deeply-rooted dedication to Hip-Hop music and get a clear picture of what’s to come for him and his partners.

What were your goals when you started producing?

Honestly, it wasn’t a goal until people from around the world were giving props or appreciated the music. So, now it’s to make the world move. Gotta give back and give thanks.

What was your motivation for producing in the beginning? Has it changed?

Man, all those times chillin’ with Kev Brown and we’re just rappin’ a taste, dig me? All his trials and tribulations [were] mine as well. One major concern was giving DC a sound, because too many unworthy folks grab the torch and fuck up. But now since these new niggas [are] out and about and really don’t respect older folks…I gotta take my sound with me.

Where would like to take your sound? Where would be ideal for you at this point?

After the overwhelming response to my work, it’s only right I give back to the WORLD. I stress WORLD because she needs some healing…folks need healing. And if my beats are a catalyst then so be it. I’m not where I wanna be, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Who are your main influences? How did they influence you?

Of course [my] mom and pops. They covered all genres of music in the house. My cousins also…we used to go in the laundry room in the apartment building we were at and BANG OUT on the washer and dryers! I can’t forget my man Kev Brown, he was there in the beginning when I was PAUSE MIXIN’ tapes. I was a major influence in the start, but he took the shit to Mt. Kilimanjaro HEIGHTS!

Tell me about the making of the “The Dose”.

I was just called out of the blue on some “you wanna make a CD wit J Scienide?” J wasn’t and isn’t NO TYPE of wackness! He went through the beat selections—mashed it together and there you have it. Hec Dolo, Awthentic, and Kev Brown were VERY instrumental in getting this done.

What did you take away from the experience of making and releasing that record out to the world?

Take your time when recording, make sure you have all bases checked. Just like architecture, if one thing is off you’re going to have to destroy and rebuild and through that process comes new angles and avenues for you to experiment with or to take out and use it for something else.

How would you describe your local scene now that a few artists have managed to break through, get signed, and release successful albums?

(laughs) Real shit though….I don’t fuck with NONE OF THEM! They never reached out to nobody, and the nobodies they reach out to…suck. But, I don’t have time to think about these niggas. People used to tell what I should do with my beats…thank you, but HELL NAH! Let me find my way, b! (laughs)

What’s the next project you’re focusing on now?

Well damn, near the WHOLE Low Budget [crew] got shit coming out! Me, I’m just stackin’ beats. I will definitely be contributing to future LB projects. Me and J are gonna sit down and blueprint the next DOSE. I got shit wit Sean Born, Kenn Starr, Mackey, Al Green, Roddy Rod and Kev coming in the future. Be on the lookout people! THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR IS OURS!

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