Who Is H.I.M.?

The game has had its share of mystery artists and voices over the years. DJ Clue, for example, was once a mysterious presence on the scene, as was Joe Budden, who had yet to make any public reveal while climbing the ranks on the mixtape circuit. Then a few years ago, Your Old Droog had industry vets betting their livelihoods on the fact that his true identity was actual Nas. Well, last month, we had another bonafide mystery; H.E.R hit the scene with an INSANE new record, consigned by names like Alicia Keys and Wyclef, that quickly shit to the top of the iTunes charts. It was revealed soon after, though, that she was none other than talented up and coming Alicia Keys protégée, Gabi Wilson.

Much like the mystery that once surrounded another superstar singer, The Weeknd, it proved to be incredibly successful commercially. We can now expect Gabi to do big things from here.

However, it looks like we have another shadowy voice on our hands, H.I.M. There is no information available on him, but it has [urban] conspiracy theorists wondering if he is connected to Gabi in some way, or rather just a clever singer who adopted her concept at the right time? Either way, it will be a fun ride towards an ultimate reveal.

H.I.M has dropped a seven-song EP—how does it stack up to H.E.R? Take a listen for yourself!

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