You don’t see too many hip-hop quartets in the game, Newark natives Al Miller, Dub and Nitty comprise Paul’s Cousin including longtime collaborator Producer Drone Beats. I came across this week’s Vibes feature at Vibes in The City’s last year at La Rouge Lounge in Newark, NJ and wondered who were these engaging and thought provoking artists.

I was glad to catch up with them to check out their new album Better Call Paul released last November through GPMG/Soulspazm Distribution. With features from label mate Mickey Factz on “Wolverine’s” and Pav Bundy on “Shady Folks” and “Broken Crayons”, Better Call Paul gives you heart, lyrics and songs you can rock to in the club with “Part Time Rapper” – where they let you know they’re no slacks when it comes to hip-hop. Paul’s Cousin wants fans and new listeners to regain their love for Hip-Hop again.

AAHH: Who’s Paul’s Cousin? What’s the meaning in your name? How’d you meet?

Paul’s Cousin: We came up with the group name because we didn’t want to get pigeonholed as just another rap group, when people hear the name they don’t know the genre and that gives us a chance to gain a new fan. Nitty, Dubb and Al are all Blood relatives.

AAHH: Your latest project “Better Call Paul” – a play off of TV show Better Call Saul, consists of conceptual storytelling that really grabs your ear. “Part-Time Rapper” is one of the dopest songs I’ve heard this year. As a true hip-hop fan, it’s hard to listen to mumbling raps and see artists with no originality. Are you aggravated with the culture and state of Hip-Hop?

PC: Thanks a lot we appreciate it, the state of hip-hop isn’t in a good place right now but we know it goes through phases like Trap, mumble, underground, street etc.

AAHH: If an A&R wanted to hear your best song, what song would it be and why?

PC: Shady Folks featuring Pav Bundy, the feeling, emotion, beat and hook are all perfect.

AAHH: Better Call Paul has solid production on “Touch N Go” to “Heaven’s Melody,” how do you pick your production?

PC: We pick our beats all off of a feeling we get called (the scrunch face) if we make a frowny face it’s something we will want to use for a Album, Mixtape or ep. It’s weird because we didn’t have any issues with picking beats or concepts for any of our songs, we don’t Butt heads like other groups and it maybe because we’re all family.

AAHH: How did you find out about Vibes in the City?

PC: We found out about Vibes In The City through the Rejectz Worldwide Radio Station and Mama Rejectz. Vibes has definitely been a major outlet that helped us gain new fans each time we perform. There hasn’t been a time where we leave the concert and people don’t stop us to get our information, album or buy from our clothing line.

AAHH: What new music do you have in the works? Ie., mixtape, EP or Album?

PC: We’re currently working on our new album with Wale’s Producer Tone P titled (It’s Paul Or Nothing), a Mixtape with all the artists under the GPMG umbrella and a Free EP for all our fans.

AAHH: What’s the vision for Going Places Music Group?

PC: We want our Label to be successful while still staying independent. We study Dreamville, Jamla Records and TDE to learn how they do major things on an Indie level. We want to stay independent in order to keep our integrity with our music and fans. Keep all the money made in-house and stay grassroots so people can see and feel us, and what we do.

AAHH: How’d you link up with Mickey Factz? Did you record “Wolverine” collectively in a studio?

PC: Mickey is family and also a Label mate of ours on Soulspazm, we’ve known him for some years now. We all worked on “Wolverines” in the studio together at Torque Recording Studios with our engineer Odell Davis.

AAHH: If you had to pick a quotable from any member in your group, what is it? What’s the name of the song?

PC: We all have a lot of quotables we love from each other so this is a hard one to answer.

Dubb: Nitty verse from “Shady Folks”: “Yeah that’s probably true but sometimes your own circle could turn to a noose.”

Nitty: Al’s verse from “When The Smoke Clears”: “They don’t think like me I’m a Monster Pixar don’t use da Ink like me.”

Al Miller: Dubb’s verse from “Part Time Rapper”: “You ain’t got no heart the industry made you a damn slave, so for real candy coated minus the rain.”

AAHH: Will you guys venture off as solo artists eventually?

PC: We actually all started off as solo artists, but for some reason it wasn’t working out link we wanted so we started Paul’s Cousin. We may do a solo project but as of now we will remain Paul’s Cousin.

I have a feeling the industry is ready for a group like Paul’s Cousin. With co-signs from Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature to working with DC Producer Tone P, the undeniable talent from Nitty, Al Miller, Dub and Drone Beats is more than evident.

Checkout their latest Better Call Paul on TIDAL:

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March 4th the Video Shoot with Itchy House Films for Shady Folks

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