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Vibes In The City: Alvie The Skywalker

Alvie The Skywalker, New Jersey native is set to take the stage at LaRouge Lounge this Wednesday night. Alvie seems to be a jack of all trades. His inspiration for his music directly correlates to his journey and growth as a man. But in the meantime, be on the lookout for Alvie the Skywalker’s album DARTH VIE.

AAHH: Let’s get to know you a little bit, give us a quick bio of who you and your music are.

AS: Born and raised throughout Central and Northern New Jersey. Alvie the Skywalker is a self-taught, producer, rapper and songwriter. I am co-owner of a production company called AudioUp LLP; I aim to have myself and my team structure a new and innovative sound with the remnants of those who have come before us.

AAHH: How would you describe your growth as a rapper/musician?

AS: My growth as an artist directly correlates with my growth as a man. My life experiences help curate the mix between my creative mind and my reality. As my world and the world around me changes, so does my music.

AAHH: How did you find out about Vibes In the City?

AS: I heard about Vibes In the City from a previous performer, Karma. She invited me to come check out her set.

AAHH: Do you have any new projects coming up? If so, what are they?

AS: I am currently finishing the last mixes for my album, DARTH VIE, that’ll be out early summer. Right now I have two singles from that project, “Bon Appetite” and “Delilah”. I also am a producer and engineer for a lifestyle/comedy podcast called “No Credit Podcast.”

AAHH: Lastly, where can we follow you on social media?

AS: Twitter – @alvie_skywalker
IG – @alvietura
Soundcloud –
Facebook – alvietheskywalker

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