We’re trying something new with the unsigned hype section. Welcome to the second instalment of Playing 8 Questions With, where we bring you a quick Q&A with a curated up & coming artist. This week we talk to Tha Soloist, a dope cat I’m currently bumping out of Jersey. Give this cat an ear!

Introduce yourself.

Hey, I go by Tha Soloist. The name has many different meanings. You’ll figure it out one day. Just know that it’s deep. I’m a deep artist. I’m a weirdo. I like that.

How did you get involved in music?

My dad stuck a needle in his arm, so I chose to put the needle on the record instead. Both get you high, but I love music. I’m glad I didn’t go that route. Around 94′. Like Method Man said, “I came to bring the pain.” That’s my whole style. Blues Hop.

Who are some of your influences?

Everyone influences me in a way, but if I had to say…it would be Bob Dylan, MF DOOM, Wu-Tang, Nas, Billy Joel. I don’t discriminate. I love it all. Even Jay-Z and Em influenced me.Back then it was Big Daddy Kane, Biz, Rakim, G Rap. The greats.

Tell me about your music.

My music is all about FEELING. I want everyone to relate, you know what I mean? Everyone can’t relate to being rich. Everyone can’t relate to being poor, but EVERYONE can relate to feeling down at some point. Going through dark times. That’s my music. I don’t always talk about the sad shit, but yeah, that’s my avenue. I’m a poet that
writes tragedies.

Tell me about your sound.

My sound is the sound of the soul expressing itself to the fullest. When you hear my music you know right away. You know the SOUL is in there. Once I get a beat I write to it.I work off of inspiration. I’m spontaneous. I don’t like to hold on to something. Once I make the music I want you to hear it while it’s still fresh. Nobody wants someold moldy bread. I give it to you while it’s still hot out the oven.

Talk to us about your latest project. Who did you work with?

My last project only had one feature. Tone Liv. Other than that it was all me. The producers I worked with did a great job. Vic Grimes, Giallo Point, Mister Dige. He’s one the illest. UK cat. I also got a few joints with my boy Sultan Mir; A GENIUS. The last LP was called REP THE THINKER. It speaks for itself. I represent the thinker,and my fans do too.

What are your fave albums ever?

Wu-Tang Forever, Tupac’s Greatest Hits, Born Like This (DOOM) and a few others.

Do you perform live? Describe how you approach a live show.

Yes, I perform live. I just get on stage and do my thing. I let the passion control me. I don’t do too many songs either. My memory sucks. But that’s okay I guess. Three tracks is enough. I usually do an acapella before or after.

Where can people find you?

Google Tha Soloist. I got a YouTube channel, SoundCloud, my Facebook name is Angel Vergara. Hit me up whenever. I’m approachable. Don’t spell it like this: THE SOLOIST. I’m Tha Soloist.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to BBZ Darney, we got a track out now. Shoutout to the aspiring artists. Believe in yourself. I love you all. Peace! My new LP Daily Allowance coming Late April.