It’s no secret that the Brooklyn emcee/actor Mos Def is a fan of MF DOOM. Almost every rapper in that pocket is. How could you not be? His wordplay is godly – even if it almost seems jarringly off putting at times. His ingenuity and ironically marketable lack of “commercial appeal” are what every rapper wished they had.

Rightfully so.

So it didn’t surprise fans that much when he released this video both praising the rapper, and effectively outing himself as a super-fan. He then joined DOOM for a joint tour, which ended kind of disastrously due to DOOM’s lack of attendance – and use of non-worthy stand-ins. I was at the Toronto show during that tour, which was the show following the “riot inducing” Chicago show. That’s another story though.

After that point, Mos seemed to refrain from publicly aligning himself with the now UK-based villain. That’s until recently. Mos, now known professionally as Yasiin Bey, was the star of the 7 part, gradual release web-series BeyonDOOM by Culturebox, France Televisions’ digital Art & Culture on demand service, paying homage to DOOM. Gradually revealing more of his face as the series progresses, Mos spits various doom tracks, including Accordion and Curlz (amongst others).

Not fully clear on the intended purpose of the project, or what they’re trying to promote, but it’s super dope, and gets my seal of approval.

Give it an eye.