Jersey-based Nino Million — the Capetown general and part of a group named ‘Brotherhood’ from Englewood, NJ — is a blend of dancehall and contemporary trap vibes. His debut solo EP, Wicked Is Good, has a little of everything, including R&B, which he describes as “extacy & hate” because of his past [relationship] experience. The record is innovative in the fact that it doesn’t innovate. Let me explain; Nino clearly has strengths as an artist, and rather than overextend and confirm this record to fit in with every crowd at once, he simply just makes great records.

The quality of Wicked Is Good is tremendous — Nino put his best foot forward. Socially, it pays off: the subject matter is a grab bag, but rarely remains surface. It gives listeners a great look at Nino’s character, while providing brief windows into his day to day. The first track, “Jealousy” explores how the cardinal sin, amplified by money and success, can turn your closest friends into enemies [whether acquaintances or family]. “By My Side” explores the storyline of a past relationship, where a former lover wasn’t able to see his vision of bigger and better things, pushing him into the arms of a new woman. He also professes his love for weed on the super bassy/catchy “Mary Jane.”

His dancehall vibes come to life on the club-ready “Buss It Up,” which is a straight-up dancehall track, and the more subtle blend of patois tough-talk with trap instrumental on “Tek It Off.” If you’re a fan of artists that run the gambit from Future to Lil’ Wayne but still crave something with a bit of variation, you’ll love what Nino million has to offer.

Overall, Wicked Is Good is a bass canon treasure box of tracks perfect for your whip, block party, or Beats By Dré headphones. Definitely, add it to your playlist.