Track Seven Band is a Group that I’ve covered numerous times here on AAHH as their debut project’s lifeline has been given a few extensions with visual treatments and live performances. This past week, they dropped their final video from the project, the title track — “The Try An The Fail.”

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The EP is — in case you missed my editorial — a slice of resilience, a call to action, and a cathartic chunk of musical therapy for the band’s lead singer, Cost, who among other things, confronted the loss of his mother to cancer on the seven-song project.

Don’t give up it will be alright, as long as you have life you gon’ put up that fight. —Cost

“The Try And The Fail” was the project’s anthem of hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. The video treatment attempts to illustrate that from many angles; there’s a range of examples presented in the 3-minute clip, from the stand against injustice in Ferguson to the iconic image of the late Muhammad Ali standing above the vanquished Sonny Liston — an iconic image of victory/perseverance that has endured for decades.

The video, more than anything, takes the lyrics, which (in the verses) focus mainly on Cost’s drive to overcome his obstacles, and globalize them into a call for unification. Whether it be against greater systems of oppression, or rampant social issues that affect not only our well-being but collective (and generational) future, it’s a plead to keep it moving regardless of what happens.

Given the climate of today’s world, which feels as though it’s one false move away from imploding, the song seems like a necessary injection of positive energy.

It’s a powerful message, and — as the EP’s final single — a fitting end to the project’s promotional run. There hasn’t been a date set in stone for the release of the impending LP, but if you haven’t been up on Track Seven Band, definitely do yourself a favor and check out their project, here.