Three Headed Beast – Time To Feast

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I decide to take a listen to U.K. hip hop trio Three Headed Beast’s latest project. After taking little hiatus to focus on solo endeavors Twizzy, Jinxsta Jx, and M.A.B are ready to turn the world of hip-hop upside down. ‘Time to Feast’ is comprised of 15 tracks, missing from those songs are the bubble gum fluff that floods our radios and Apple Music accounts. Filled with dark tones the tracks can be classified as conscious rap, a style of rap that forces listeners to actually sit and think about the life around them.  Three Headed Beast from the beginning announces their return in a triumphant track titled “The Return” which really sets the tone for the whole album. While the album in its entirety is great, there were a couple of songs that stood out to me.

Below are four songs that you MUST listen to off “Time to Feast”

Trend Setters feat Remus (Track 7) – a trumpet blaring, fast tempo track filled with boastful declarative statements.

To The Slaughter (Track 11) – “To the Slaughter” is darker and a bit slower paced than “Trend Setters”

Traps (Track 13) – Jinxsta Jx, Twizzy, and M.B.A are in total sync with one another while silly displaying their own personal style and delivery.

Dead Mans Shoes (Track 6) – A classic tale of the struggles of everyday life and trying to simply make it out alive.

Time to Feast is now  available for download hereBe sure to follow them to stay up to date on new projects, music, and more!

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