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The “Contract Thursday” Saga Continues With #4: ‘Details”

DapTheContract is no stranger to AAHipHop when it comes to his music and undeniable creativity. Dap released his fourth single from…

DapTheContract is no stranger to AAHipHop when it comes to his music and undeniable creativity. Dap released his fourth single from his “Contract Thursdays” collection, titled ‘Details.’ Contract Thursdays are a series of new music that DapTheContract releases each week–either video or track. Safe to say #4 is an incredibly-well put together music video directed by the man himself. ‘Details’ is a clever single that goes through the motions of being in a relationship and having some explaining to do. We all have been there– having an incredibly great night and totally forgetting about the outside world–bad enough to forget to text or call your significant other. In the music video for ‘Details’ Dap begins by giving us a flashback of what happened prior to  his big blow up with his on-screen girlfriend. The video is absolutely hilarious and so relatable to many couples. Dap gets drunk, knocks out, gets threatening texts, goes over and tries to talk it out, gets cursed out and almost abused, and eventually  “makes up” in the bed with his on-screen love interest. Dap gives the message that sometimes we gain insecurities in our relationships, even when we already know that there is nothing to worry about. This video accurately shows how it can be even when, “you got all the details,” and still contemplate if your lover is being faithful and honest with you.

The "Contract Thursday" Saga Continues With #4: 'Details"

DapTheContract never seizes to amaze us with his sense of logic, and creativity. His lyrics always fit precisely with his visuals. Watching a Dap music video is like watching a masterpiece created right before your very eyes. Take a look at #4 from DapTheContract’s “Contract Thursdays,”– ‘Details’ the music video.

Also check out Contract Thursdays #3 ‘Das Mine’ featuring SO4P & Tone



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ReUp Ty Teases “Nothing To Lose” Visual/Single Off Cagsistency LP

As promised, Reup & James Cagne keep out interest peaked.

As we reported a few weeks ago, Chicago MC, ReUp Ty is dropping a nine-song LP called Cagsistency, produced by James Cagne — set to drop this quarter. With the haunting first single “All I Need,” with its gritty visual treatment still in rotation, a new video has just dropped — teasing the next single and showing ReUp and James in the studio.

While sipping and nodding his head to James’s heavy production, we get a chance to see ReUp in his element — in the studio. After being played an instrumental that he’s obviously feeling, we’re treated to the resulting single “Nothing To Lose” — presented against a studio backdrop, and some cool lights.

With this super catchy track, we’re even more geeked to get our hands on the full release and dig in. Check out the teaser video, above.

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Cadillac Rah -“Drunk”

It may be cold here on the east coast but we can get warm up as we dance to Cadillac…

It may be cold here on the east coast but we can get warm up as we dance to Cadillac Rah latest video “Drunk.” The One On One Records (home to Billboard charting artist Nivea) signee brings to us this smooth club banger that will have the strip clubs going wild in just a matter of time.

Cadillac Rah is known for having a good turn up and in his latest flick, he shows you how it all goes down. Watch Rah indulge in a great time, complete with beautiful women and drinks.

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