If Rick Ross approves of you as a rapper, there’s no reason why AAHH shouldn’t find out why. Ron Oneal of the L.E.S (lower east side) of Manhattan, is a name that we should have heard of by now. In 2015, Ron Oneal aka Black Bottle Boy, had a chance to freestyle for Rick Ross in which he amazed the MMG general, and went viral receiving over 2 million views. Wait–why haven’t we written about him before? Ron Oneal is a realist who raps about the things that he “seen, done, felt, heard, been through, and witnessed.” Which is something that many rappers of today are not doing. Ron Oneal has already had a mixtape hosted by DJ Self of Power 105.1 titled, “If Not Me Who,” a second mixtape hosted by Hot 97’s DJ Magic titled, “Son of Rome,” and a host of videos and singles on VEVO, SoundCloud, iTunes, and more. With his latest single “Pull Up In Da Wraith” featuring his right-hand-man SV Skee, he gives us high energy and something that we can turn up to. The visual for ‘Pull Up In Da Wraith’ shows extravagant living with expensive cars, jets, yachts, jewelry, champagne, and money. I think we all wouldn’t mind living a lifestyle like Ron Oneal.

Following the popularity of “Pull Up In Da Wraith” Ron Oneal recently dropped a visual for his newest single ‘Product N Da Bando’ Ron Oneal has a gift when it comes to rapping about real situations that may be deemed as “dark,” and making them enjoyable to listen to. Ron definitely reaps the benefit of his hustle and shows that he has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. We approve.

Check out Ron Oneal’s Latest Visual for ‘Product N Da Bando’ featuring SV Skee

Check out Ron Oneal’s Visual for ‘Pull Up In Da Wraith’ featuring SV Skee

Check out Ron Oneal’s Monumental Freestyle for Rick Ross

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