Cut from the same UpperClass cloth– ‘Romeo Must Die‘ rapper, Dolla$ignDunn, brings us a vibe with new single, ‘UP.’ Dolla$ign gets lyrical, spitting nothing but raw truth from bar to bar. He raps about being a true hustler with bigger goals, that only his hard work can accomplish. “Last night I had a dream that I was rich, woke up and I ain’t even have a cent, to my damn name…” When you want something so bad for yourself, you can either dream about it or put in work to make those dreams your reality.

Dolla$ignDunn Drops 'Up'

Dolla$ignDunn articulates an authentic story that can apply to anyone. ‘UP’ has a very vintage vibe to it–the beat reminds you of a true late 90’s HipHop track. Dolla$ign gets raw and uncut with his feelings about what hustling means to him, and how he feels about people who pretend to know the struggle.

He gives the message that life is short, so go after what you want– because the only way to go is up.

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