Hailing from Houston, Texas – home of legendary crews like UGK, and the infamous Screwed Up Click – comes TBR Music Group a collective featuring rap duo Chain$moke (Mikey O.D. & Kelly Indica) and solo rap artist Spayc3. Although all three of the artists within this music collective have unique personalities and approaches, they all share an immense love for psychoactive substances. In fact, they have it listed as a musical influence, leading the collective to develop a dark, expressive and laid back sound. This sound can be heard throughout their new EP, Contact High, which is due to drop New Year’s Eve – great news for y’all smokers out there.

The EP, which sits at a mere five tracks, gives a great introduction to the trio, who bob and weave over bassy, trunk rattling production. It’s the sound, quite frankly, I’ve come to expect from Texas (not a bad thing). True to their mantra, they don’t stray too far from hazy rhymes that are so potent, you’d think you could smell the OG Kush through the speakers. The guys shine especially hard over the dark production in Colorado, which sounds like an audio road trip to the state that grossed so much money after legalizing marijuana, they’re developing ways to give some of it back. It’s their modern-day mecca. My fave joint here is the slightly more uptempo/bouncy Set The Record, where they explain: “Don’t keep many friends because they all become enemies in the end.” It’s all about crew love.

I’d love to see them try some slightly different production, just to hear how their chemistry, which they’ve seemed to perfect on this EP, reacts. TBR Music Group are relative newcomers, but their careers go back quite a long way; and even before joining forces, each member of the group boasted an impressive background. When asked about working as solo artists, the crew explains, “when musicians join forces for the sake of producing great, uncompromising work, anything can happen.

Touché. Check the latest single, and be on the lookout for the EP on NYE.

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