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Straight Outta Tulsa: Meet Rapper Reuben X

Tulsa, the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma, has a long history of birthing inspirational – and incomparable – musicians. For example, it is home to Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson of the original Gap Band. It’s also, more recently, home to a rapidly growing local hip-hop scene, where some new voices are emerging. Reuben X is one of them. A self-prefessed “a lyrical trap rapper,” X is expecting to release two full-length projects in 2016 titled, Meet To Nice You & The Reuben X Files. He admits that he’s lived a very tough life, which he often portrays in his music to motivate and inspire those who are going through these same struggles.

I caution you, don’t write him off as just another street rapper, though – homie has a good head on his shoulders. He played college football for the University of Cincinnati where he won 3 Big East Champions. He also had the opportunity to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, attending their rookie minicamp. He’s infusing the dedication, hard work and fight (to overcome) to his music career – and it’s paying off.

Take a listen to his latest single, Refuse 2 Lose. Also, as a bonus, we’ve also added a gem we discovered on his Soundcloud page called Let Mom Down.

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