Underground Ohio rapper T.Clips is anything but predictable. With a track record that spans a decade of development, he tends to go with the flow when it comes to putting together new projects. “Everything is based on Hip Hop, but my mood sets the tone,” he tells AAHH. “Some are comedic some are serious … once I get the beat, I go from there, but I don’t like to box myself in.”

This is evident when listening to his two release thus far for 2018, Fameless — produced entirely by Manchester-based STREETWOLFFF — and the Hell EP. Both a short, punchy, concise takes, with dramatically different flares about them. Fameless, with it’s bassy, dark, lo-fi trap vibes. Topically, it ranges from the perils of low-cash on the grimy intro to a slightly more bouncy flow on Pickle Clips. The Hell EP is a different beast—less (sonically) aggressive and interspersed with instrumental only fare; the differing approach makes for a unique listening experience.

In total, he has eight albums on Bandcamp, including numerous one-producer collaborations, all with their vibes. “All music is my influence,” he says. “I love it all. Obviously, Em was my biggest influence.” He credit’s Eminem’s debut major label LP with sparking his love of Hip Hop.

“As a kid hearing that was mind blowing for multiple reasons,” he says. “My mom hated that she let me get it, but it changed my life. That’s why I make music I’d have to say.” He also credits a bevy of alternative influence on his sound. “That music is jacked … I love it; it makes me wanna write.”

Currently, Clips is working on gathering beats for his next album, Tales From The Clips. But, he is quick to assure his fans that he isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. “Where ever the music takes me I’ll go.”
Check out his latest, below.