Born and raised in South Africa–Johannesburg to be exact–producer Jakk Wonders is a hip-hop producer/beatsmith doing some very dope shit [excus our french]. Heavily influenced by an array of producers, he’s delivering a gritty sample based production style and at times add a “left-field type feel,” as he describes it. With production credits working with the likes of BK’s own Skyzoo, Reks, DJ Eclipse, Little Brother-Alum Rapper Big Pooh, he has a healthy catalog of beat tapes currently floating around the web.

His latest beat tape, Live From The Avenue, doesn’t break any ground–per say–but it is an amazing collection of sample-based hip-hop instrumentals that will make hip-hop heads more than happy (especially you writers out there). Sit back, turn up, and let the Jakk take you on a trip through the block–with a South African flair.