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The Realness: UK’s Own Goddaz Drops a New EP

“The appetite kill us has never really gone–when slavery was abolished coz they never viewed wrong” –Goddaz

In hip-hop, you can never underestimate the power of a good story. 50 was shot nine times, for example. This statement is exemplified in award-winning UK rapper Goddaz. He’s managed to make a name for himself in London town after having escaped the unimaginable horrors of Uganda’s civil war. Put that into perspective–rappers like Drake are out here claiming they started from the bottom! Not to say he was at the bottom–but he had a mindstate altering existence that has helped to mold his artistic voice in a humbling way that makes him quite inspirational.

His new project, Group Economics, is a seven-song EP that has quite a few different flavors; however, I’ve never quite come across a project with this type of content. Unlike 50, he doesn’t rub his past in your face–rather he acknowledges the blessings he has and uses his past as a catalyst for motivational messages. Referring to his past life as like”Saving Private Ryan” on the record “Get Busy Living,” he quick to point out that “your life is lying that why the streets ain’t buying.” That’s the coolest part about this project–it’s real life! People who live through crazy shit often don’t go out of their way to glorify it. Goddaz has been through a lot in his life, and his music carries that weight; you can hear sincerity in his words.

He spends a lot time on records like “Sweet” and “Change Now” focusing on how an increase in education around financial health (investing, etc.) can help to put the streets in a better place. It’s all facts, too. There is also some lighter notes here, such as the Pan-African female-focused “It’s You,” and the ultra-deep “Still Going” where he describes his life story–including his time in the streets, and his ultimate path towards a positive life.

Commercialization is often described as a second form of slavery–and he is having no part of it. Social injustice and economic disparity runs rampant–so why are we only rapping about whips and chains? Goddaz breaks the cycle with a project full of positivity and truth. EP is available for pre order nowand will be out the 26th of March on all online digital stores. Follow the homie on Twitter and Instagram.

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