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SoSoSummer’17 Tour, Philanthropy, and More: Meet Young Reid

“Since I’m still young and I am just being introduced to how this industry can really be, I am very cautious about the decisions I make now…I don’t want them to affect me in the future.” -Young Reid

I got wind of Young Reid through email and immediately became drawn to his young age and the word philanthropy. There’s usually an abundance of artists in my email asking for reviews, interviews, and promo (which I love to see) but not many have the word “philanthropy” as part of their abstract..well not yet. A 16-year-old who has put the importance of giving back as the pioneer of his craft, is following in the philanthropic steps of Chance The Rapper.

Young Reid, whom has become a sensation in the Winston-Salem part of North Carolina, is only 16 years of age and has supreme goals for himself, and the youth that looks up to him. He has already been featured on notable media/music platforms such as Queen Lo, Desert Storm Radio, Streetz 103.3, Power 98,  and the Johneri’O Scott show to say the least. The most pivotal moment of Young Reid’s career thus far has had to be his joining of Jermaine Dupri and members of The Rap Game on the SoSoSummer ’17 Tour in Charlotte, NC. We talked a little about that in our interview, plus his latest video ‘Clap, Clap’ which was directed and aesthetically created by him.

Let’s dive right into this interview with Young Reid.

16-year-old rapper from North Carolina. How did this happen? How did Young Reid become “Young Reid?”

The name Young Reid didn’t come from me, it came from the people who first noticed that I had a talent for rapping. The name comes from my grandmother as well.

Who are some of your inspirations?

Chance The Rapper, Kid Ink, J. Cole and DJ Khaled are some of my inspirations.

I had a feeling Chance was one of your inspirations.. What are your views on his leadership in the game? 

Chance The Rapper is a big Influence on me because he gives back to the community by donating his own money, which is something you don’t see a lot of rappers of this generation doing. He even funded Sound Cloud which is outlet that many artist get discovered on.

I can’t help but to think back to when Bow Wow and Lil’ Romeo were 16 and rapping, and had the young ladies going crazy…are the girls chasing after you yet?

I get a lot of female attention but I don’t let it distract me from reaching my goal with my music.

Being born on the west coast, and raised in the southeast, how has that influenced who you are as an artist?

Being born on the west coast and raised on the east coast has changed and developed me as an artist because I have seen two different sides of people. I’ve encountered people who accept people of various race and I have come across people who don’t accept a lot of races; I express those experiences in my music.

SoSoSummer'17 Tour, Philanthropy, and More: Meet Young Reid

How do you maintain maturity and a level head, being only 16 in this industry?

Since I’m still young and I am just being introduced to how this industry can really be, I am very cautious about the decisions I make now — I don’t want them to affect me in the future.

How are you still maintaining a normal teenage life, while having to record, attend radio scheduling, performances etc…? I hope you’re still having fun and hanging out.

I still enjoy a regular teenage life while I do my music, but I do know I have to make sacrifices if I want to reach my goal with my music — and not waste time.

You have big ideas and philanthropically inclined goals for young people like yourself. How did “Pay It Forward Performances” come into play?

Chance The Rapper influenced me to do Pay It Forward Performances. Unfortunately, I can’t donate one million dollars but I felt that I could donate my time to people and inspire people to be the best they can be in life.

That’s amazing, wow. So let’s back track a bit. You’re on tour with Jermaine Dupri, Miss Mulatto, Nova, King Roscoe and more from The Rap Game; how did this come about?

Charlotte’s Radio Station had a contest to submit in a performance video to see who would get to perform in the SOSO Summer 17 Tour. I was the one chosen to open the concert for the show in Charlotte. It was a blessing to get the opportunity to perform and the crowd loved my performance.

So how has life been for you–career wise and personally, since having this amazing opportunity?

Ever since I got the opportunity to open for the concert, I have gained a lot more fans and followers and people have heard more of my music.

I saw your music video for “Clap Clap” and I have to say, you seem way more mature than your age. Do you ever find yourself being careful to not come off “too mature?”

I am very cautious of who my audience is and who my music appeals to. I avoid making music that is not age appropriate or that don’t represent me well.

“Clap Clap” looked like a lot of fun while shooting it. Did you have anything to do with the concept of the video and/or picking the people to be a part of it?

The people in the “Clap Clap” video were chosen by me. The girls auditioned for the video. Also, I put together the scenes and directed the video.

 What was your favorite project that you’ve dropped? why

One of My Favorite Projects was “Girls From The 336”, because it was so catchy

What can we expect next for Young Reid?

You can expect a new mixtape on the way and lots of singles with a couple of features from other hot artists. You will also hear about shows and performances I have coming up very soon.

 Check Out Young Reid’s Latest Visual to his single “Clap Clap” 



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