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DMV’s Best Kept Secret: Rellik’s New Single Is A Summer Must

Over the last few years, DMV has played home base to some promising indie movements; Rellik JXB is no different. Wearing dual hats as both artist and CEO of his imprint, Don’t Panic Records, he’s making a great impression.

I originally wrote about his surprisingly dope EP Se7en a while back, which some of my followers may recall had ridiculously unassuming cover art, but was packed with tons of flame emojis and assists from his circle of artists. His latest single, “All Good,” spent the latter part of the day blaring through my Monster headphones on repeat, and is a single worth touting as a summer go-to. Consider it a best-kept secret.

We are gonna keep making these hits, making this green, and loving the dream.” –Rellik

“My sound is all over the place … I do anything from R&B to Hip Hop,” Rellik says about his sound. This new banger is all the above, with melodic bars that ride a smooth radio-ready beat. Don’t start to pigeon hole him, though. “I try to add shock value to a lot of my lyrics so that you will be entertained. I try to make music based off of how I’m feeling or the situations that I go through at the moment.”

With that on the table, what moment sparked this latest release? “Lately I’ve been making love songs,” he admits with a laugh, “I guess a lady has my attention.”

The record is just an appetizer to his upcoming album Royalty, which he is currently [literally as I write] wrapping up. “I got the name from my Don’t Panic label-mate Lo Ki,” he explains. “Her favorite color is purple, which represents royalty. Not to mention the fact that we are kings and queens over here at Don’t Panic — so Royalty was a perfect name for the album.”

With well over 30k on his YouTube videos, he is continuously packing out shows throughout the DMV; but that’s just the beginning. “I plan on taking my label the highest point that we can reach. With the help of my family and friends who equally play an important part, we can make this dream come true, not just for me, but for all of us.”

Teamwork makes the dream work, and for those who want it bad enough, everything is eventual. With plans to creatively flood over into acting and comedy, it will be exciting to keep tabs on Rellik and his team. “We have a lot of ideas that Don’t Panic Records will bring to life In the coming years.”

Check out “All Good,” below. Early!

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