Toronto rapper Soo Casa is continuing his run with a brand new single featuring fellow Canadian artist Kid Frankie. The song “Regardless” is beaming with potential. The chunky bass and Auto-Tune tinged vocals mashed with the commercially viable production make for a solid effort. “Imma put a flex on you regardless,” the two croon on the hook. Both artists mesh well sonically—and should consider a full length or EP.

With only two songs on SoundCloud, [Frankie] already has a substantial following. This song is one that they both believe will put them on the list of next up artists on the Canadian landscape. Opening for Sean Kingston in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) on December 11th, Soo Casa will be bringing Frankie out to perform the new single during his set—so stay tuned for the live footage next month.
Stream the track below, and be sure to add to your playlist on your fave streaming service. We like Tidal, but we’re biased!

[Photo credit: Paul Running]