Sonny Digital knows how to make a club banger. While the Atlanta hitmaker is chiefly known for his beats, Sonny is racking up on singles as an MC. It is evident to say he can spit after showing us on his collab project with Black Boe in 2017 titled The Black Goat. Sonny’s first EP, Woke You Up was slated to drop over the weekend, on Jan.26, but with that not happening Sonny decided to give us new music to keep our playlists buzzing. Sonny drops “Keep It Real” and “Love My Plug” featuring recurrent collaborator Black Boe.

Produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E., “Keep It Real” is driven with melody while maintaining trap energy. “Strippers in the club and they dancin’ every night/Lord forgive her cause you know they ain’t living right/Lord forgive me because I’ma be in there tonight,” he raps.

“Love My Plug” is a production by Sonny Digital and B Wheezy. On the upbeat track, Sonny and Black Boe express the love they have for their drug dealer. It is not a complete surprise Sonny produces some of his records, as he always been forthright about producers being mistreated in the music industry. He believes — and is vocal about — producers are not being appropriately compensated for the essential contributions they deserve.

“You take the beats off of them vocals, and you know it’ll sound like shit,” said the “Birthday Song” producer said in a video via Twitter. “Y’all need to start respecting the producers a little more, big or small.”

Sonny Digital Drops Off Two New Tracks: "Keep It Real" and "Love My Plug"

Listen to Sonny Digital’s new tracks “Keep It Real” and “Love My Plug” below.