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Sirweah: Hip-Pop With A Twist

Oso Major, home to artist Legend–who we’ve featured a few times now–recently hit us up with their latest artist, Sirweah. With a cadence that almost resembles J Cole, the young artist isn’t married to hip-hop exclusively and dabbles in a sound that more accurately resembles ‘hip-pop,’ although he has bars [evidenced by his remix of Wizkid’s Afropop hit, “Final (Baba Nla)”]. This loose allegiance to one particular sound not only paints a picture of him as a real artist but also makes his catalog of music currently available deliciously eclectic; an example of this is his unique spin on Jason Chen’s acoustic version of “Photograph.”

“For me, it’s never been about proving myself the best rapper or vocalist; there’s always going to be someone who has me beat at that,” he points out. “If I could, however, give the best feeling to a listener with just one song, then I feel like I’ve succeeded. That’s what my music has always been about; making people feel, and giving them hope from those emotions.”

His latest record, “Everybody Knows,” is a piano-driven, radio-ready single that helps to establish his sound as established; with a catchy sing-song hook and an undertone of ‘look at me I made it,’ the record has legs. You can grab it now on iTunes. Check out some of his music below.



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