Mizzy Mula’s an aspiring artist, passionate composer–and enthusiastic songwriter–hailing from the mecca of hip-hop, New York City. He started out exploring R&B music and then with the passage of time ultimately transitioned into the genre of rap; he wrote his first song at the age of 15-years old, and from then onwards never looked back.

Mizzy began learning the specifics of the music industry; the success of his long term friend was the reason that motivated him to pursue a career as an artist. He released his first single off his upcoming mixtape SBLOCK DON’T SLEEP, entitled “Add it Up,” which has fared quite well. He’s got plenty of promising work in the pipeline, so his 2017 should be fruitful. Most notably, he has two mixtapes, Love Games and For the Street, both scheduled to be released in the next 365.

Mizzy Mula is in pursuit of success and is always in awe of finding ways to spread a message of love and actuality through the means of his music; check him out for yourself. If you’re feeling him, knock the share button.