Siimba Liives Long Slays Sold Out NYC Show

Siimba Liives Long shuts down The Pianos with a fiery performance! The artist, who’s no stranger to AA Hip Hop, performed three singles, “W.I.A,” “ Lost Souls,” and “Cocaine Bimbie.” He even blessed us with a few unreleased gems that may be released on his highly anticipated album “Zemenays Gemiini.”

The minute I arrived to The Pianos venue, I knew right off the back that the show was going to be astonishing. Nightlife goers eagerly waited in line as a few people stood outside networking. When I walked in, a welcoming rush of energy greeted me. Everyone was at their peak of elation waiting on Siimba Liives Long to hit the stage!

As Siimba went on the stage with a raging entrance, the audience soaked up his energy. During the performance, a song in particular was very captivating! The raw lyrics of “Lost Souls” spoke of police brutality. Initially, songs in such content may seem way too intense to perform at an electrified show, not to mention in front such a diverse audience but Siimba amazingly made it work perfectly. It was a great balance between “turning up, but also not forgetting reality!” What was even more creative was the footages of police brutality silently playing behind the artist, as he got in-tuned with his lyrics yelling “Them bullets fly, you can’t take that back!” It was a very interesting way to speak about something so important while making his audience listen and feel.

The energy was then boosted up as Siimba invited a DC native rapper, Ras Nebyu, along with the rest of his squad, to crank up the energy. Ras Nebyu performed “Lion Talk” which is a single off his “ Babylon’s Most Wanted Mixtape” as the audience sang along. Siimba then ended his performance with our all time favorite “Cocaine Bimbie” stating in his lyrics “I’m just a real fly dresser, true rap spitter, end of the day, I’m just a cool ass nigga, If you making moves, I can do that with you but if you just sitting, can’t do that with you.” The uproar not only left everyone jumping but left Siimba levitated on his crew’s shoulders, shirtless and yelling in victory.

Even when Siimba got off stage, there was still a performance! Before exiting, he requested the audience to follow him outside for a promising act to eat fire! As if he wasn’t already spitting fiery lyrics all night. We all rushed out to follow him while chanting the lyrics from his well known single “ Cocaine Bimbie”. “ We got’em like, oh oh oh” as the unconventional artist swallowed fire at the intersection. Talk about a wild performance! 

Overall, it was a tremendous experience that was very thrilling. The new song releases were a tease. We can’t wait to listen to the upcoming album.

All photos courtesy of photographer Rovinson.

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