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Q&A With Miami Tip

Rapper and author, Miami Tip, is the full package. With a universal hip-hop demeanor, blended with the right amount a feminine sass, her sound is turning heads. She’s been transitioning for a mostly successful — and infamous — career as a dancer in Miami. She’s been seen in videos from industry favorites like Plies, French Montana, J. Cole and Nicki Minaj and heard on the same records as Trina, Gunplay, Brisco, Ace Hood and Sam Sneak, and more. This transition is the focal point of her upcoming EP, Transition, which she hopes to drop Memorial Day. We recently spoke to Miami Tip, who shared some insight on the project and explained how her latest hit, Low Key, featuring Fetty Wap came about.

Check the short Q&A below.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Long Island New York. I moved to Miami when I was 10. I was pretty much raised here it’s all I know. I’ve been making music; I’ve been in and around it my whole life — and I started taking it seriously like 4 or 5 years ago, and I’ve just been working hard ever since.

What pushed you to take it more serious?

Well, it was always my first love. I had like a near death experience, and I just felt like I need to tell my story, and the best way was through my music. I love to entertain and be in front of a crowd so it just pretty much all worked out.

How did you get that track together with Fetty, that’s pretty dope?

We had a mutual friend, and I thought I was going to drop it with someone else; they had their situation and couldn’t do it. My friend said he would be perfect for it because it’s such a melodic song — he said he could probably make it work. He reached out to Fetty, he agreed, and I flew in, and we did the record.

So you wrote the song yourself right?

Yes. I had a partner — I write a lot of the music myself. Then there’re influences in the studio; it’s kind of like a collective effort.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on my EP; I’m hoping to drop it by Memorial Day weekend — that’s two months from now. It’s called Transition. It’s just kind of my story of how I’m getting into the rapping from my experience and the last situation in my life, and just how I’m transitioning as a woman and holding my own, hustling and succeeding with it.

Do you have any other features on it — besides Fetty?

As of right now we don’t know which records we are going to use, but I do have a lot of features, so it’s just a matter of sitting down and getting to choose them.

What is your primary goal right now in the music industry?

I just want people to take me serious as an artist. Like right now, that’s my primary goal; I want everybody to know that I’m serious, and my music is for real.

Do you think right now no one takes you seriously?

They’re starting to. I just reached that breakthrough.

Any last word for our readers?

Listen up, be prepared for Transition; it’s dropping soon. Also, follow me on Instagram.

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