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#IndieSpotlight: Shah33d Discusses His New Ep

Sometimes, an affinity for music can truly run in your blood; such is the case for artist Shah33d. His grandfather was Lawrence Payton, who was 1/4 of the original Four Tops — one of the most significant groups in not just the Motown era, but also music history. “He got to me to be interested in music … I was writing at an early age,” he told AAHH.

He recently released a brand new EP, which he’s currently promoting. It’s a solid collection, with some dope production; in fact, one of the producers he worked with was J-Louis, who is the official DJ for Bryson Tiller, whose latest album is slaying Billboard charts. He sat exclusively with AAHH to chat about his music, career, and more. Check it out below.

So you just dropped a project a few weeks ago. Tell me about the mantra behind it.

My latest project is called One Day At A Time, and it simply represents just that. For me being an artist, I don’t like just to put music out to keep up with the current trends. For me, I felt like I have to be different — you know, inspired. So, this album is just a compilation of a bunch of experiences that I went through.I was able to put it out on wax. It took me roughly about six months to complete the project, because I wanted to make sure everything was tight, and that it was relevant and made sense to me. Hopefully, it’s relative to listeners.

I’m shooting a video for every song on EP. You know it’s all about visuals; I already have one video for one of the songs called “Claimed It.” I dropped it in March.

Is this your first EP?

This is my first official EP that’s being released to streaming platforms. I released an EP back in 2012 just to get a feel for everything — It’s called the “Reflection.” It was a decent project, you know it built up a fanbase, and it got me on the path I need to go. But this one is the official project that was released on all digital platforms, Apple music and so on and so forth.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry? Maybe some loading questions?

I think that it’s not balanced. You turn on a radio, you hear the same top twenty artists — when there are millions of artists who are releasing music on a regular basis. In my opinion, I feel that there is a niche for every artist. If If you are a trap artist, there is a niche for you. If you are a spiritual artist, there is a niche for you. Whatever you do, there is a niche for you; but I feel like the state of hip-hop is only pushing one avenue and right now. The trend is the mumble rap. And you know, I don’t knock the mumble rappers, that’s cool. You know that’s just the niche for them. And I feel like the music industry is doing a terrible job at balancing.

What would you say is your goal in the music industry; what is it that you want to achieve in your career?

My goal is to go as far as the music will allow me. Featuring on major label artist songs, a couple of Grammys later on down the road; To just get the message out that you can be — you can be yourself without compromising who you are — and still be successful. As long as I get that message out, I’ll feel like a part of my mission is complete. And you know, just to have fun while doing it.

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