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Rhythm Rug – “Near or Far”

Hard work and dedication are the main ingredients for success. Singer/music artist David Barkie, better known as Rhythm Rug knows this all too well. He’s put in a decade’s worth of time in the studio, learning the nuances of engineering and making beats from renowned producers like Symbolyc One ( whose worked with the likes of Jigga and Yeezus). He left home at the age of 18 and opened a studio storefront with a couple of friends. As he describes it, “when the studio closed at night, I would sleep on the floor.” He’s clearly someone who’s dedicated his all to his craft, and it comes through in his music. His newest single Near or Far is a laid back, melodic masterpiece, with an almost cinematic feeling. It seems like it belongs in a pivotal scene in a dope indie flick.

A blend of pop/hip-hop and an ambient new-age r&b sound, Near or Far is an excellent showcase of Rhythm Rug, and what to expect from his upcoming full-length LP. Take a listen for yourself, and be sure to visit his website for more!

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