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Return of Voltron: Lord Kass Interview

“My goal is to be in a position that I can help others pursue their dreams.”–Lord Kass

Some of the best music ever made has come from a place of pain—Well, Lord Kass has a story to tell. From losing a son and an uncle to performing alongside some of the industries most celebrated names, he’s keeping it all the way real, and letting his music speak for itself. “Music is my passion it is how I communicate. It was and still is the way I express my fears, pain, and emotions,” he tells AAHH. “People can connect with what I am saying, and that gives me the inspiration to write.

His latest record, Return of Voltron is available now. Check out his interview with AAHH below, and get familiar.

How would you describe your sound?

My music can be called complex to some because I focus on lyrics and subject matter. I don’t just talk about what you might see on BET or hear on your local radio station. I get into detail, music is like a movie to me or a painting, and I want the listener to picture everything I am saying. I want to make you think.

What pulled into this industry?

Personal pain is the reason I started to write. I was a dancer first. If I were mad, I would dance, if I were happy I would dance. Those emotions transferred to writing.

What has been the biggest motivation for you thus far?

The most significant influence I have had has been my mom; she has always supported me in anything I wanted to do. Michael Jackson because of how he changed lives and erased discrimination lines. It was good over all music. Nas has been the reason I started writing music; he has the biggest hip hop influence in my life. Illmatic to me is the best Hip Hop Album EVER!!!

So, what have you dropped so far?

I released my very first album ILLYFE it was all produced my DJ Nycess. His father produced Alanis Morissette. I have released a few mixtapes the Cure, and the Cure 2, Masonic Stones which was produced by DEEJAY Birdstick out of Germany. My latest release is H.O.R.U.S. which is due to be out late spring. The first single Return of Voltron is out on Itunes and Spotify now.

You’ve shared stages with some big names, right?

Yeah, I have shared the stage with Papoose, Mobb Deep, Ke$ha, Warren G, and so many I can’t even think off hand. I have a collaboration with Memphis Bleek, which was pretty good. I have not achieved enough yet though in my eyes.

So, what is goal, then?

My goal is to be in a position that I can help others pursue their dreams. Helping someone else’s dreams come true is something I always wanted to do.

What’s next?

My next step is to start my entertainment company. Not just music, movies, books, screens, plays. I want to have all forms of art.

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