Raekwon Conjures Up Grimey Hit For The Streets, ‘My Corner’ feat. Lil’ Wayne

Hip Hop pioneer Raekwon drops another jewel on us from soon-to-be released album, The Wild. Collaborating with one of Hip Hop’s arguably greatest rappers of all time, Lil’ Wayne, Raekwon gives us unfiltered-raw bars about the griminess of the streets in new single, ‘My Corner.’ “Picture me stomping you out, on a flyin’ train….” Raekwon flashes back to those good-ole NYC brawls that went down anywhere: for looking at someone the wrong way, stepping on a fresh pair of Nikes, or even disrespecting someone’s hood; in the streets, anything goes. Rae puts you front and center on his corner, and lets you enter where his most influential hits stemmed from: the place where money and respect is the only option. With 25 years of awed raps under his belt, (like legendary hit Ice Cream), Raekwon has experienced both sides of the grass, and raps about how it hasn’t always been greener, coming from his neck of the woods.

Tying in a rapper with such legendary bars, and some of the most clever and overly-tweeted metaphors, Raekwon couldn’t have picked a better contrastive rapper than Lil’ Wayne to elaborate on the hood, in ‘My Corner.‘ Wayne, having been a product of the streets as well,  comes charging in on the beat with aggression, rapping about his blood gang and how he totes AK’s. It is no surprise that two staple rappers of two different eras came together, and unapologetically shared a common experience (the corner), in their right.

Raekwon is getting ready to release his seventh album, The Wild, in which he looks at today’s world as a jungle that needs order. After already releasing tracks, Purple Brick Road Featuring G-Eazy, and This Is What It Comes Too– the third single, ‘My Corner’ feat. Lil’ Wayne, is sure to be appreciated in the streets and air waves soon.

Take a listen below to the pre-released track, ‘My Corner,’ from Raekwon’s new album, The Wild, set to release March 24th, 2017 on iTunes.

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