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Restless Gang: The New Orlando

Orlando-based Restless Gang [also known as Restless Co.] has a lot going for them. For starters, they have a hefty catalogue of quality street music; for the past year or so they’ve dropped lots of solid visuals. Secondly, they seem to have a grasp on what the current sound/look is, and how to run with it — because they’re young. You can’t fake that! They also have a pretty solid stage presence, which any manager or A&R will tell you is key to making money in this business. They opened up for Mobb Deep recently, so clearly they have a solid team or enough juice to book high profile gigs. The team, which consists of Restless AR and Restless Jay, donning custom RL [short for Restless] shirts are putting in massive work, and it shows.

Check out their latest releases — one from each of them. Keep an eye on this crew; they’re on our official watch list.

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