EJ Carter: Bringing Originality Back

“I ain’t no gangsta man, but I be with the gangstas, man.”
–EJ Carter

Godfather of the Panic Flow, leader of the R$F Regime [which is an acronym for Redshirt Freshman], rapper, singer, producer, engineer, videographer and photographer, EJ Carter is a rising star in the game. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he self-describes as different and unpredictable – two adjectives that are entirely accurate, especially after we took a watch/listen to his new single and video, “True.”

Stylistically, EJ is a strange brew – that is for sure. He sounds like a blend on B.O.B and Flo Rida [sonically] and has a physical look/style that comes off as a thematic mix of Lil’ Yachty, Andre 3000, and more. To explain, he delivers a catchy, singsong chorus that gets [all the way up] into your cranium, and parks there for a few days. The verses themselves, though, are more complicated. It’s a fresh experience. The video itself start off with a definition of being, true. This seems to suggest that a good portion of the threats/claims you may hear are in fact real talk, and should be heeded accordingly.

Leading up to his [2015] debut album Notorious, EJ built a name and following with his [R$F] crew, releasing two mixtapes that generated over 10K downloads each [as of late 2014]. He also developed a live show that led to him opening for up for fast-rap legend Twista, Snow Tha Product, Caskey, and Shady Records signee, Yelawolf. In a sea of mediocracy and an overabundance of clones, EJ Carter stands out. Cor what’s next! Check out his dope new record, and stay tuned for what’s next!

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