“Two little-known rappers [Peso and Pacman] from the D.C. area have certainly made their mark on the map.” —The Huffington Post

When dopeness and philanthropy go hand in hand. Fresh from their escape from North Korea (seriously), rappers Peso and Pacman—and international hip-hop label FHTMG—are making headlines once again with the debut of their latest music video, “Why The Fame (W.T.F.)”,  shot in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Earlier this year, the team flew to Cuba to collaborate with Cuba Skate; this was part of an effort to nurture and grow skateboarding culture–and the growing hip-hop community in and around Cuba.

During the expedition, they gave away skateboards and other skate equipment to underprivileged children around the island.

Known for hooks and hits like “Trap Out the Starbucks” and “Bernie Bitch”, FHTMG is a Washington D.C. record label who is getting support from everyone from Questlove, MTV, CNN, Buzzfeed, AXS, and many more. Get familiar–check the new video out below!