Aspiring fashion designer and hip-hop artist Sean Cos Mason has been chasing his dreams since he was just a child. “I was inspired to be a musician and a designer since I was two years old,” he tells AAHH. “I’ve been grinding toward my goals and living my dream ever since. I [over time] started to surround myself with like-minded individuals to work towards building a company with my Sean Cos Mason-Noneillah Brand … I’m fostering an atmosphere that allows artists and designers to be innovative.”

Sean began making music purely through freestyling, going to rap battles, making appearances on internet radio stations, and performing at local venues at an early age with his group, Ice Grill. “Through that exposure, I fell in love with creating beats, songwriting and engineering music. I knew right then my passion for the industry was born.”

As for fashion, he became intrigued with the clothes his mother used to dress him in when he was young. “My mother convinced me to start my line so I could pass items out to my fans after every concert to get my brand out,” he explains. “She purchased a five-piece t-shirt press to start my line so I could put my Noneillah logo on shirts, hats and other products.”

That’s true support; that’s a beautiful thing.

“In five years, I’d like to be seen as someone with deep expertise in the music industry who received the title of a hip-hop king, sitting on the throne and holding my place in the game,” he states confidently. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people in the industry … [but] I also want to do collaborations with the biggest artists in the game and have my music become known internationally.”

I also want to get my Master of Business Management and Finance Degree,” he continues. “To achieve this, I’ve decided to go back to college online or on campus in my free time. My new skills will help me to say that I’m the best at my job being a successful owner/ entrepreneur of a top 100 business worldwide.”