Rapper Pop Malcolm straight out of Houston, Texas — the chopped-and-screwed capital of the world — is going full steam ahead with his latest release, the 15 song The Real Superpower. With a unique cadence that stands out from other artists reppin his section, he has a smooth, soulful style that compliments an excellent beat selection.

“My music is at another level,” he tells AAHH. “I just need it [to get] out into the world. I’ve been rapping and recording my music since I was 15.” Pop makes all his music in his one bedroom apartment. “I saved up money and made myself an easy to pick up and move little studio with an audio booth around the mic, gaming PC and interface for the mic and headphones.”

One notable “power” on the project is its production, which was restricted to just two emcees, resulting in a remarkably cohesive top to bottom experience.

“For the production on my project I only used two producers,” he continues. “My main — and my favorite — producer Rob Kelly beats, and the very talented Donato beats.” As he explains, he discovered both on YouTube. “I stay in close contact with Rob, he makes the beats, and I do everything else, I keep it as in-house as possible.”

The LP has a few standouts; the most notable being “Heat Heat,” with its R&B tinged best with its hard-hitting kick drums intertwined with Pop’s barrage of bars. As well, the opener “Ric Flair” has already done some numbers — for a good reason.

“Made For TV” is also a gem tucked in the track listing with Pop’s sing-song flow and super hype instrumental.

All in all, Pop Malcolm’s latest effort brings the goods and is well worth a run through.