“Every time I step behind that mic, or in front of you, I’m giving you everything I got. 1000%. That I love what I do.” —MillyBoy

Growing up in Laurens, South Carolina — a town with a relatively small population, yet a higher than average crime rate — rapper MillyBoy found himself on the run from the law. Milly, whose name draws influence from the area he came up in [WattsMill], grew up in a single-parent home with his two sisters. Being a product of the environment, it was inevitable that he fell victim to the streets. In a twist of fate — while on the run — Milly decided to audition for BET’s One Shot, a new show with a format not unlike America’s Got Talent; except, this show focuses on hip-hop artists flexing their original content. Milly made a [serious] impression on the panel of judges that included Sway, King Tech, and more.

The attention and high praise from the panel of industry tastemakers was a wake-up call; Milly knew he had to put the past behind him, and turned himself in [to the authorities] and did his time. Now — with his legal woes behind him — he’s determined to take his career to the next level. Sonically, his versatile style has drawn comparisons to Boosie, Young Thug, and other southern heavy hitters. His debut single, “Neva Stop,” which debuted on the illustrious World Star Hip Hop has already garnered him a ton of industry buzz.

He’s currently hard at work on his debut EP, tentatively titled The Prodigal Prodigy. “The upcoming EP is gonna show how broad my range of music is,” remarks Milly. “I also sing and write — so it won’t all be trap music; although, that is a big part of what I do.”