By the looks of things, it seems like New Jersey’s Native T.I.G is def feeling himself in his new track “Swimmn,” produced by Drago Demarco. T.I.G (the i of a Genius) has been grinding heavily, and it has shown in his music throughout these past few months.

We spent some time with T.I.G this past summer while he was in his creative zone, working MAD hours on his upcoming EP, SYMPHONY OF A MAD MAN. The genius himself was working with the one, and only A$AP TY Beats last time we were with him. I don’t want to give out too much information but trust me, T.I.G is for sure an artist to keep your eyes on. Next Year is right around the corner, and it’s guaranteed to have a lot of surprises for many of us( T.I.G has a major one for us all.

Take the time to check out the homie latest single “Swimmn” that is now available on Spotify and iTunes. It’s worth every bit of your time because this shit is groovy as hell—enjoy!