25-year-old military vet Pipe — representing Alexandria, Lousiana — is on a mission to be great. “I’m still currently in the learning process of becoming great but just wait I ain’t lying,” he tells AAHH. Though he’s on the verge of dropping his debut, don’t think that his music is in anyway beginner.

“This is me the EP is my very first project so I’m super excited for the world to hear it,” he says. “As the title says, it’s me.” Not unlike a title like Reasonable Doubt, which Hov famously denoted took his whole life up to that point to create, the seven-song project is set to fully introduce the world to his story.

As he explains to us, his biggest influence getting into the game was none other than Lil Wayne; “I’m from Louisiana so of course my biggest influence is lil Wayne and what Young Money was when the album dropped.

“I would love to work with Weezy, Dj Khaled, Drake, 88 Glam, Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Big Sean … the list goes on,” he reveals when discussing career aspirations with our staff.

For now, we’ll get our first taste of what his collective vision is on January 4 when the EP drops. In the meantime, he has some hearty appetizers in his Soundcloud that give you an idea of the potential he has. Check out one of our faves, “iRun,” below.

Tumblr: @official-pipe

Snapchat: @RNPB_PIPE—-

Instagram: @officialPIPE