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Krewz Links With YBN’s Migo Domingo For Blazing New Single

Straight out of scenic Vancouver BC, self-produced/engineered artist Krewz is on the verge of taking his career to the new plateau. With a new mixtape dropping the top of 2019, and a tour being planned as we speak, he’s taking the success he’s seen thus far and pumping up the notoriety. 

“I started by buying my own equipment, and learning most of my skills online,” he tells AAHH from his studio in BC. “I started rapping with friends … and [from there] just worked on developing my craft. Back when I first started, I had a set up in my basement, and I was locked in the studio 24/7.”

As he denotes, that experience helped him realize this was the path he was meant to take — and not just as a hobby, but a full-blown lifestyle.

“I want my mixtape to open up new avenues for potential features with other artists,” he says, switching gears and looking ahead to 2019. With his first single from the project, “Adapt,” an anthem for anyone on the heavy grind regardless of the circumstances, he’s setting the tone in a heavy way.

“I’m like an alien, yeah I adapt,” he says on the chorus, emphasizing the malleable nature of his money mission. The self-produced radio-ready banger features YBN’s own Migo Domingo, who is coming off of a huge summer mixtape release that featured his single “Dog Her” alongside his labelmate and childhood friend Offset.

It’s a lateral movement if you’ve been following his movements over the past year, as he’s been dropping a heap of bubbling singles via his SoundCloud account. Songs like “No Time,” which wound up on World Star, have been helping him click, setting the stage for this new project.

It’s a good look associating his brand with YBN — after a few spins, with it’s super catchy instrumental — we’re sure you’ll agree worth a spot on whatever playlist you have access to.

Check out Krewz’ “Adapt,” below.

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