Richmond, Virginia rap artist, Oso Steezy, just dropped his debut single, “Gas Pak” produced by TrellGotWings — a laid-back track that embodies the breezy, carefree nuances of new age hip hop. Not unlike A$AP, Steezy represents a team/movement known as the Osothecrew [he’s their first official artist]. They were the label “different by default” on their sleeve. They are more than just a movement; they’re a lifestyle.

As his management notes, “It gives you a very smokey vibe, reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush and OJ” mixtape. Roll one and bless your ears with the smooth sounds of “Gas Pak.” Can’t argue with that. Knock around the track, and keep an eye out for more releases from the Osothecrew.