“I’ve always wanted to be in front of a crowd, as a child. When I perform it’s the easiest way to express my thoughts on everything from Religion to politics to the bullshit black people, have to deal with on the daily.”
— E.J. Raps

Straight out of Dallas, Texas, comes rapper E.J. Raps, also know as DJ Eugenius. His latest album, “The Ones Who Live,” is making some noise with critics. The project was recorded in both Houston and Dallas, and executively produced by Legendary Yeti. As E.J. explains, “[‘The Ones Who Live’] is reflective of society; the ones who survive the horrible conditions and live to succeed are the people with both the most experience and the most to gain. They also have the least to lose, because she/he will know how to make the best either way it goes. So that makes them worth keeping an eye on.”

The album is packed with more bars than a federal prison, and great production; it’s a great listen to 10 tracks in length. Add it to your weekly playlist. And be sure to follow homie around the web!

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