“The Beautiful Revolution leans on the belief that [in order] to change the world, one must first start with healing their [own] personal scars, which, is a revolution in itself.” –Mr. P Chill

Mr. P Chill has been written about before here at AAHH; Still Standing was a solute to the supporters and fans who have kept him going throughout his 23-year marriage to this hip-hop game. His latest record, The Beautiful Revolution, is much more about transcending his music and putting out messages of hope and inspiration, while raising a fist and shaking it intensely at the oppressive powers that current ‘rule’ over society.

In contrast to Still Standing–in many ways–it’s much more introspective and personal. On the record “I Wanna Go Home,” he alludes to loss and describes his town to town lifestyle as a lonely, never ending search for something he can’t quite find. “If these Tattoos Could Talk” is a walk down memory lane with the rapper as he describes the meaning behind all of the ink on his body. “Fighting For The Mic,” which is a little more light-hearted, is a subtle nod to the early days when he struggled as a white-rapper, fighting for support as he chased his dreams.

Records like “Dear Crooked Cop,” which we posted a month or so back, and “Beautiful Revolution,” featuring J.Smo focus on the social injustice and tension between communities and law-enforcement being felt across the country; it’s interesting, as he is a white rapper. Not too many are this outspoken–it truly makes the subject less racial and more human. A good portion of the other records focuses on the sheer volume of mind-boggling things happening across the nation–from the election results to various forms of racial/socio-political and economic discrimination taking place.

The balance of this project is the fact that there are checks and balances–as much awareness as it brings to the ill of today’s [frightening] realities, it also provides motivation for change. “Change The World,” for example, shows the forward thinking P has about the power of his music and platform. He also once again links up with Spyder D–the first rapper in history to release an independent record– for the funky “Gonna Be Alright,” which serves as the outro and perfect decompression track.

Production-wise, the album is much more dynamic than the last, with some eclectic vibes that remain cohesive to the overall thematic flow of the sequencing–which is quite good. Beats like the Lionel Richie-sampled “Hello” and the Buffalo Springfield-sampled “Right In Front Of Your Eyes” add lots of depth to the project. Overall, another dope release from P. Chill–one of the hardest-working indie rappers we know!