Mr. P Chill Drops An Ode To Crate Diggers Worldwide

Vinyl coppers assemble!

Sacramento rap vet Mr. P Chill has been admirably busy in these troubled times, dropping some pretty poignant and timely tunes. “Millions of Militants” saw him combine with Mike Colossal to spit some bars about Trump’s regime and the state of national relations between citizens and both police and systemic (as well as overt) racism. He also connected with Cee Knowledge for “Social Distancing,” which aimed to address the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the globe. One of my fav songs was the lovingly somber “Morning Coffee,” with its oddly calming chorus threading together verses laden with some serious and relatable shower thoughts.

However, his latest release has quickly become my fav cut in his catalog, “Diggin’ (A Crate Digger’s Anthem).” As the name suggests, it’s an ode to the inexplicably infectious high of digging through seemingly impossible amounts of vinyl records in the hunt for the perfect sample. It’s a hunger I share myself, so the track paints a very familiar picture.

From breaking down the day in the life of a vinyl addict to pointing out how digging with him isn’t at all for the faint of heart, P Chill does record store junkies the ulmate justice over the track’s appropriately dusty drums and snaps.

“[Diggin’ (Crate Digger’s Anthem)] is the theme song for all of these folks who spend countless hours in record stores, thrift shops, garage sales and dusty basements going through old records to see what gems they might unearth,” P Chill himself noted via press release.

The song’s video fits the vibes like a glove. It was filmed on location at Rocket Records Midtown in Sacramento, which is safe to assume is his local record shop; we also get a glimpse of his massive collection in his home studio — which is gorgeous.

To top it off, the crate digging anthem has its vinyl release as a 7″ available at select retailers, as well as his site, Load it up, press play, and proceed to support your local record shops online safely.

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