It’s big day for NYC street music. Another group celebrating 20 years + in the game, the Brownsville, Brooklyn duo MOP, dropped their long awaited new EP Street Certified. At 9 songs, it’s a solid effort that has some respectable new street-hop and a few pre-leaked standouts (notably the title track featuring Mobb Deep and addictive 187). If you’re a fan, you’ll love this album. The project has a few guests – Maino joins Billy and Fame on the lead-off Welcome To Brooklyn, and Busta Rhymes on the single Broad Daylight.

What you have to love/respect about MOP is that they know what they are (and what they aren’t). They deliver consistent music, and have been doing so since How About Some Hardcore. This project is unlikely to build much of a new fan-base as none of the songs have the massive commercial appeal of a song like Ante Up, but we doubt they care. This one is for their core – and we’re pretty sure they’ll be more than happy with this release.

Stream it here