LCanadian rapper/producer Mike Tro has a sincere and genuine approach/delivery on the mic that’s helped him build a solid fanbase. Hailing from Victoria B.C., Mike’s been making music since the age of 14 — playing in garage bands with his friends and making instrumentals [and raps] with his buddies. In 2013 deciding to take a steadier approach to making Hip Hop music, dedicating his time to rapping, DJing, and producing. So is he a rapper? Hip-hop artist? Poet? Spoken-word artist? Take your pick…you could make an argument for any of those aspects of the genre within what Mike is doing combining all the gears into one flawless-machine for an inspiring performance.
Mike Tro’s is latest release, Cozy Summer, is a collection of chilled out vibes perfect for, well…a cozy summer. Give him a spin, and if you’re feeling it, get at Mike and met him know.